There’s A First Time For Everything!

Hello all,It feels strange saying that as I am not sure who i am saying it to exactly. I have been married for almost a year,in my full time job for 11 years but recently realised that I am not living life to the fullest or enjoying it half as much as I should be.

My mental health has suffered for years without me really doing much about it at all ,in doing this blog I hope to get out of this stale state of mind and launch myself into a new, maybe more optimistic one but at the same time hopefully help you along the way. I am going to be taking one day at a time as the name suggests so there are no big plans ,I will just check in with you regularly but for now i will say goodnight and Stay Weird (0..0)

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  1. Brian. says:

    Hi glad to hear your feeling more positive, and you know you can give me a shout if you need somebody out side of the family to talk to or just grab a coffee we’ll I’ll have a coffee you can have what you wish. Hope The rest of the family are OK. You keep positive and happy😁 Big hugs. Brian.


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