A New Adventure

My love for the city of Prague is clear to all who know me and having visited multiple times a year since 2015 i was feeling like a new destination was on the horizon so in May me and my husband booked a trip to the capital of Poland,Warsaw.
Venturing to a new place so far from home when riddled with anxiety is difficult to say the least , that is not to say that i wasn’t excited i just felt very apprehensive for what was to come. As the day got closer i was actually really in need of a break but the fear of the unknown still lingered in the back of my mind. Even as i packed my bag i was nervous but i just thought of all that time away with my husband that seemed to keep all that worry and fear at bay.

I did feel a lot better when we checked in we were even offered a free drink on arrival which thinking about now we should have just got there and then instead of a day later as it caused a bit of a situation that consequently effected my anxiety. Dealing with unexpected circumstances while away from home is hard and i am just glad i was not alone. Feeling supported while continuing to work on yourself is something very precious ,its a challenge and feels like its taking forever but I continue to try and work on my responses to such situations while trying to be kind to myself in the process. However sometimes this does not go to plan. Visiting a new places is for sure exciting,exploring nature and making new memories all side by side with my favorite person is the best feeling.

On our first day we decided to have a walk around and ventured to the Old Town Square we ended up trying some local food sitting ourselves outside but quickly moved inside during the downpour actually the only one we had despite the forecast for the week being rainstorms. The locals welcomed us so politely and were very attentive,we even got a little tiddly from a few sangrias while enjoying the yummy Perogies.

On our second day we took a trip to the uprising museum ,The National Stadium where we had a tour ,very interesting i must say. We also had a wander around Skaryszewski Park we made friends with a lovely red squiggle and discovered frogs in the lake by hearing their strange sound coming from the water. We even had time for Mr Pancake!

After packing a lot into the Monday we decided to explore even more, see what else Warsaw has to offer and on the Tuesday visited the Ministry of Coffee for breakfast before checking out the stunning indoor market Hala Koszyki sampling some Shrimp Tacos and a Burger Burrito,then it was onto the underground for a trip to the Palace of Culture and Science to face one of my husbands biggest fears,heights.

Navigating our way through the subway past shops that were small in size but with more culture than you could shake a stick at with people so at home you could smell the history as if you had gone back in time to when there were next to no tourists in the city a tall. On the other hand stepping up from stairways to the hustle and bustle of modern life taking in the sky scraper buildings and sights of huge department stores ,shops an advertisements then be faced with a building of such immense style & beauty it really was a sight for sore eyes.
Up top of the mammoth entity we saw the city for what it was,a mixture of old and new ,welcoming new buildings beside the old, faced with the challenge of looking past the aesthetic and appreciating the history,the beauty along with the strength it took to build this place back up after the devastation of war.

After some more perogies,sweets ones this time we took a bit of a chilly stroll to the Old Town the evening light covering the buildings making them glow,reacquainted with the Mermaid again who by the way is a symbol of Warsaw appearing on a coat of arms aswell as being depicted in other imagery and more statues. We headed back to the hotel passing the Royal Castle on the way.

With a failed attempt at visiting the Neon museum we decided wanted to do something not on our list and i remember seeing a glance of some kind of aircraft while going past on a tram a day earlier so a day of exploring it became starting in the National Gallery with some really impressive works of Art then next door to the Polish War Museum and an explore of the grounds which held some very impressive air crafts and tanks much to the pleasure of my husband who is a bit of an aviation geek.

Following this we remembered that there was a diner not far away so we caught the bus there discovering on arrival it was happy hour we took full advantage not realizing polish cocktails were a tad stronger than what we were used to. We ended up stumbling our way to a Pinball Bar which was a lot of fun even though the memories are blurry i know we had a good time! Letting loose and being silly are things i love to do and don’t really do enough if i am honest.
On our last day we attempted to get into Neon Museum again which was successful this time and well worth it i may add,i had no idea how relevant neon was/is to this city or how it was founded ,it was actually discovered by British Chemist Sir William Ramsey (1898) the neon gas was discovered when Ramsey chilled a sample of air until it became a liquid,then warmed the liquid and captured the gases as they boiled off the process being known as fractional distillation, Well worth a visit if you are in Warsaw just remember to check the opening times.

Coming home to our own bed is always the best part of going away. I think you appreciate what you have when you get home a lot more the longer you have been away. I do want to go away again this year though of course we will be heading back to Prague at some point too.
If you ever notice yourself feeling a bit down or the anxiety is piling up maybe book a spontaneous trip ,get away from it all and spend time with the people you love. Focus on you and indulge just a little bit.
Over all impression of Warsaw was that it was Grand in Stature. I would highly highly recommend!

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