My Euphoria

When it feels like its too much and like it is just one thing after another we all have different ways of coping ,we find hobbies interests to distract us so that we can function day to day. Some of us have certain vices ,things that supply us with temporary happiness,something that may help one day may not the next so we find something to replace it and the cycle continues. One thing that never fails to help me is music. Growing up in household that was full of music lovers i listened to all sorts from The Beatles to the Right Said Fred from The Eurythmics to No Doubt aswell as Simon & Garfunkel, Celine Dion & Mariah Carey and of course groups like the Spice Girls and Steps. Later on as a teenager i was a massive Eminem fan, Xtina and Pink. With turbulent times ascending i became ever more dependant on music as a way to escape, being able to just put my headphones on and dissappear into another world was a huge deal for me. Im not ashamed to say i was also very into the Blue ,i wont even try and make out they were a guilty pleasure because they were not,not atall i even had a blue pencil case in school ,it was very clear i loved them i even went to see them them live too.
Things changed when i discovered a band called InMe, when i was 15 my taste shifted and i was listening to bands like Evanescence ,Linkin Park,Funeral for a Friend,Avenged Sevenfold ,Blink 182 , Nightwish ,Enter Shikari & Fightstar. The next phase was Fall Out Boy,Panic at the Disco ,Paramore ,Four Year Strong,A day to Remember & Thirty seconds to mars . Next Came bands like Fei Comodo, Evarose ,Flyleaf Fleetwood Mac,The Runaways & Joan Jett amongst many others. The discovery of new music is one of my favourite past times, i am open to listening to anything and everything.

Me at 15 in 2004

I think music lovers will all agree that they all probably have that one band that they love more than any other and for me everything goes back to InMe . I first heard Overgrown Eden a year after its release when i was 15,it was a copied CD floating around among my friend group at the time actually so no case or track list so i didnt even know the names of the songs until i had enough money to finally buy a copy of my own. In said friend group happened to be my future husband so everything about this album reminds me of falling in love with him. The songs echo that teenage angst i felt and the frustration of not quite knowing what to do with those feelings or how to handle the awkward situations you get yourself into as a teenagers. In finding InMe i found myself and began becoming the person i am ,and although some times it was not easy i have never looked back and will always see Overgrown Eden as the coming of age playlist of my life.
Always unapologetically themselves InMe have a realness and heart that i have never seen in any other band. Lyrically the detail and story telling that is created in each and every album is unbelieveable,they never fail to create beautifully unique melodies and riffs that blow your mind , inspiring so many different emotions over and over again. The passion they have for their art is clear when you listen to their music. That for me has become entwined with memories and emotions within me ,every time i hear a song it effects me in a different way.

When InMe announce a tour it is all systems go for me and my husband checking if we have enough leave from work to attend ,checking our bank accounts to pay for tickets ,trains and hotels. It is a major event for us so we always try to make it to more than one date for every tour. Travelling around city to city to see InMe play is always so much fun, its quality time that we really cherish. Its an exciting time because we can start planning & discussing the most important thing ,what songs we think will make the set list,making sure we know them word for word so we can sing along on the front row. Always looking forward to our own personal favourites mine being Cracking the whip ofcourse but also the crowd pleasers like Underdose and Faster the chase which we would have playing years later at our wedding.

First time i saw them live i think i was 16 i believe it was in Liverpool Barfly. I cant even begin to count the amount of times me and my husband have seen them since but its definitely into the double figures maybe even triple figures. Being at an InMe gig with my husband is my happy place,nobody can touch me,my mood is officially lifted and nothing can possibly break me.

We have been so lucky to have met so many great friends over the years that have made these times even better i especially love our little group ritual we have of always meeting in a Spoons (Weatherspoons) before hand for drinks and probably after for more drinks. The hazy memories of many club nights we have been to making up silly dance moves and laughing until we cant breathe. The drunken walks to the train station in the cold while taking selfies and eating chips from Chicken Cottage. We know can always count on an InMe gig to bring the crazy out in us all. Its always a fun time no matter what. Everyone from the start made us feel welcome into such a huge group with special thanks to Emma for always taking such great care of us.

From Liverpool to Glasgow,London to York and so many other cities inbetween we have experienced so many hilarious and unforgettable moments. From all the support acts we have encountered including the always incredible Fei Comodo who made the All Terrain Armada tour the most insane ever. Seeing & experiencing the album shows packed with fans from all over the world. Memories of one of our most loved venues like Fibbers in York ,lining up outside for at least 2 hours for a chance to get at the front. The crazy wall of death & pits the crowd created. Random people crowd surfing & singing at the top of our lungs as if our life depends on it. The O.G fans screaming ‘fuck you fuck’at that pivitol time in Underdose. Sweating like you had just ran a marathon aswell as not being able to hear your self speak for a good half hour after because it had been so loud but you dont even reaslise because of the excitment & adrenaline is running through you so fast its sometimes hard to catch your breath. These memories are imprinted on us and like the songs we love will be with us forever.

I was lucky enough to have Dave perform at my 21st Birthday 10 years ago,at the time i don’t think i knew what had hit me. I was overwhelmed with seeing all my family and friends then Dave showed up, id aways wanted to meet my hero. I have to be honest seeing him eat a scotch egg was probably the single most amazing moment by far,seeing someone you look up to suddenly become so human right infront of your eyes is somewhat of a revelation. We spend so much time putting these people on pedastals but in their raw and unedited states like this we see the things that remind us that they are just like us. I am grateful for all the times they have taken time out to come a speak to us before or after shows. Over the years we have been lucky enough to grab a few moments of their time and it means so much to us,although i do still get star struck. In more recent times when it was revealed that a pal of ours John was to become their new guitarist we were over the moon for him as we knew just how much it meant to him,we also knew of his talent and how much of a credit he will be to the band , We wish him all the very best for the future.

Without knowing it this band have given me something that no amount of money can buy, something that’s more valuable than anything i can ever physically own and that is years of happy memories & friendships that will last forever and i thank you from the bottom of my heart for that special gift. Feeling a release from the pain we feel and sinking into our happiness & letting it wrap its self around us from time to time is all we need. Tapping into that happiness, that feeling of being free & just trusting ourselves enough to let go of all the other stuff for a little while is a skill ,it takes time to get used too but its worth a try,just stop every now and again and reconnect with you. Do something that truly makes you happy. This is my euphoria.

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