Who is the boss of you?

As a society we are constantly fed all this crap through the internet , news and social media that forces us to jump on a hamster wheel each day ,living under pressure to conform. This pressure causes us to feel the need to create this alternate version of ourselves,a made up version that has the perfect haircut & makeup,the most instagram worthy lunch and the happiest relationships when infact nobody really has that do they? Nothing and nobody is perfect, yet we make out that we are. Why must we give into this way of life? Is it set out from birth? No its thrust upon us,its a social issue that we take as the norm,but its not. The big question is,is it possible to live a life free from these terms that restrain us? Can we accept ourselves for who we really are and have that be good enough without the need for instant admiration from others? Are we striving for something that does not exist?

Fresh Meat By SHSadler

Its those very unrealistic ideals that are ruining all the confidence we once had,all the natural instincts that possess us as human beings,all the raw emotions that drive us have been diluted like the information we are drip fed by the media giants. We can convince ourselves as much as we like that what we show is real but the fact is much of what we see has been meticulously planned with a certain impact in mind. We are always being pushed to go along with a particular story line,to follow ideals set in place by somebody we can not see. We go to bed riddled with anxiety only to wake up each day only to carry on the same cycle as if we are robots controlled by an invisible force. Will we ever be free from this or is this going to be the way we live forever? More so do you believe all you see?


I always imagine what it was like to live in a time before the internet,like when my parents were young in the 50’s or when my Nan & Grandad were a young couple in 40’s I wonder how much easier it would have been. They could actually go to dinner without posting a picture to all their ‘friends’ they could watch a TV show or movie without having the ending ruined after it being leaked to them and seeing it accidentally after checking their socials infact the only socials they probably knew of was the social club down the road. Meeting new people would have been through friends and at gatherings ,building connections with others through conversations instead of likes on pictures. I find that to have been a far less superficial time. Some may even say a simpler time.

My Nan & Grandad were so cool!

It sometimes feels it is impossible to escape a lot of what consumes us but there are ways we can become a little more connected with ourselves if you take the time to get off that hamster wheel and step back,look at the bigger picture. It is actually possible to ignore outside influences and fall in line with ourselves for a change. Give it a go, maybe this is the perfect time to do so. For so long now i have trusted the opinions of others rather than my own,i have ignored my inner voice. Some days are easier than others to connect to that voice but I read a quote not so long ago that strangely put it all in perspective it read ‘A different version of you exists in the minds of everyone who knows you’ it made me realize that none of it really matters,the way we think that we come across because you are somebody different to everyone who knows you, the attributes you hold within you touch every person differently so it should not control or dictate who you are or who you feel you have to be. It should be enough to just be you,live by your own standards instead of the standards of others. Maybe next time you pick up your phone or turn on the news take a second to think how you choose to filter that information and think twice about how you let it effect you. After all it is all connected.

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