About Me


My name is Sophia. I grew up without any brothers or sisters so as a result was very close with my family and loved being around my best friends. I am also a little bit strange, like to do things my own way and have never really fit in much. I am a deep thinker some may even say i am an introverted extrovert. I love drinking coffee and for me music is an escape just like reading ,I am also a massive lover of the art of Drag. I have a deep rooted love of the theatre and like to have the odd night out to see a show.

Since an early age i have been hyper sensitive in every way ,this could be really bad but I actually see it as my super power, it allows me to have empathy and understanding in the most difficult situations and helps me to access a deeper part of myself that makes me so much stronger. I believe in kindness & that the most valuable thing you can give somebody is your time, Life is so precious and short,we must not forget that.

Inspirational things to me along side my amazing husband our Kitties, my family and close friends is music such as Inme, Enter Shikari,Fleetwood Mac, more recently the amazing Billie Elish aswell as my favourite books like Shari Lapena’s The couple next door and Mark Haddon The curious incident of the dog in the night time. I also love any Slam poetry by the Amazing Neil Hilborn. More often than not you can catch me writing poetry ,reading or watching my favourite TV shows including Friends,CSI, Ru Pauls Drag Race or Grimm or a good horror film like The Conjuring. For as long as I can remember I have collected things that range from anything Clown related to Faeries and from Badges to Barbies and as of this year i have began to build up my Barbie collection once again which is really exciting and very nostalgic.

Over the years I have discovered that i can be just as happy sitting there with a coffee and a good book as I can be dancing to my favourite tunes at a gig it just depends what my soul desires at that particular time. Id say I have changed the most in the past 5 years,learning big life lessons and more about myself than I ever could have imagined. Even when bad things happen remembering that the feelings I have are temporary ,knowing that they will not last forever and I will feel ok again eventually. To have that confidence is a massive acheivement for me,looking within myself for that strength and always remidning myself to look forward instead of back.

You might not be able to stop the storm but you can face it with hope in your heart ,a smile on your face and a coffee in your hand!

Sophia Field